Ludlow Arts: Classical


The BISYOC Symphony Orchestra returns to Ludlow in 2016.

BISYOC, for those who've never come across it during its 15-year history, is a spectacular annual exchange programme in which 85 young instrumentalists and 16 tutors from all over Europe assemble at Moor Park School for 11 days of music-making and cultural exchange. Sometimes it is held in other parts of Europe but 2016 will be the ninth time it will be held in Ludlow, so the local connections are gradually growing. In 2014 as an advancement of those local connections, a choir of local singers was assembled to perform with the orchestra in Ludlow (with a repeat performance in Leominster Priory). Many local singers took part as it was an ideal opportunity to interact with fine young musicians from all parts of Europe, from Norway in the north to Malta in the south, from Portugal in the west to Romania in the east. It is not only musical interaction, but cultural interaction too, since the cultural activities form a major part of the 11-day exchange. The local choir members will be taking part in the annual International Dance Night where participants from each country, who are aged between 15 and 25, teach everyone the latest dance craze from their country, which can be anything from a traditional Romanian village dance to the latest club hit featured on German TV.

The Tutors from BISYOC are a fine team of professional musicians from 10 countries.

For the curious, BISYOC's local history stems from the fact that the conductor's family live locally, and the BISYOC name originates from the Shropshire location where the first exchange was held back in 2001 “Bedstone International Summer Youth Orchestral Course”. BISYOC was founded by its conductor, Julian Gibbons.

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